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On The Dot Bookkeeping



"Deneen has been essential in developing our business from the ground up!  She is professional, accurate and constantly willing to aid our organization as we grow.  We are confident knowing that Deneen has an eye on the books and our backs!  She is reliable and a great communicator.  We are so grateful to have found a friend in Deneen."

-Travis and Michelle Farris - HIT Distributing, Inc.

"Working with Deneen has been a dream! I came to her following a big shift in my business, and she’s made the process of moving my books over so easy. Deneen has been incredibly insightful, and a wealth of knowledge when it’s come to other resources for my business such as payroll. I also appreciate her ability to  always make time for me when I need help answering questions big and small for my studio. She really is the BEST!"

- Reyana Wright – Reach For The Barres, Dance Studio LA

“Deneen came to me as a client to assist her with setting up her corporation.  I was immediately impressed by the quality of her questions, her thoroughness and attention to detail as we went through the process.  Ironically, I had just recently converted my companies books from the desktop version of Quickbooks to Quickbooks online and was struggling to reconcile the conversion.  I was also using PayPal for merchant services and was reconciling my credit card sales with Quickbooks through a cumbersome and time consuming manual process.  Deneen immediately jumped into the breach and within just a couple of weeks, had me up and running as if there had been no conversion and migrated me over to Quickbooks merchant services.  To say that Deneen saved me on the order of 80 hours if I had to do this myself is an understatment.  Even after she finished the heavy lifting, she spent time with me explaining the process and getting me up to speed so that all of my Quickbooks accounting is running smoothly and efficiently.


Deneen is a true professional who is expert at what she does and absolutely recommend her if you need professional assistance with your accounting and bookkeeping.”

- Robert E. Stenson - Attorney - Nationwide Incorporators

"I have known Deneen for many years, we met when we both worked at the same CPA and business management firm.  I saw early on Deneen's dedication to her clients and her craft; but more importantly I noticed the clients dedication to her.  I recall a time when the company was reorganizing and wanted to shift her entertainment clients to a newly created department.  The client said "we work with Deneen or we go elsewhere". For the last several years I have been running a medium sized CPA and business management firm.  On several occasions I have brought Deneen in to help us with various aspects of our bookkeeping and business management clients.  She is very easy to incorporate into what we are doing and there is never a question when it comes to her abilities.  Talented, professional, and always armed with a smile."

- Jeff Petersil - Director of Operations - Encino, Ca

Deneen is someone who comes into your life and demonstrates empathetic consistency, deep appreciation for your well-being, and keeps the economic fundamentals of a family and business on track. She has a kindness that is both caring and a little parental or almost like a sibling calling me on my stuff while helping in ways that go beyond your job description. Deneen is not only excellent at her job, but is an even more spectacular human. She rocks the house! We are eternally grateful to have her in our lives.”

- Gil Bellows - Director/Producer/Actor – California

“On June 25, 2021 I bought a home in Austin Texas. At the end of May 2021 my lender asked for my corporate balance sheet and profit and loss statements. I never had a need for these documents before, I was frantic.  My accountant referred me to Deneen because as she was not able to work in the timeframe I needed the statements…YESTERDAY! I was in a tough spot and Deneen jumped right in, asked for access to my bank accounts so she can put together my most current profit and loss statement and balance sheet. It took her less than 72 hours. Here we are, it's Feb 2024 and Deneen is still managing all financial aspects of my corporation. Deneen is honest, professional and always eager to go the extra mile when your back is against the wall. You can always hear in her voice how much she enjoys her work. I would be more than happy anytime to be called for a reference for Deneen.”

- Paul Jay Lesser - Owner/ThirdPhase Processors Corp - Texas

“Deneen has become an essential part of how I run my business and the only reason I’ve been able to expand my operation without going years without a day off.  She is talented, conscientious, trustworthy, accommodating, and above all a kind human being. I recommend her to anyone who asks, and some who don’t.”

- James Viera - Owner/Kung Fu Grip Co. - Burbank, CA


“I have been working with Deneen for years. As a bookkeeper she is meticulous and detailed and always available when we have questions and needs. As a person she is thoughtful and kind and cares deeply about her clients. She is a rare human being, a true gem.”

- Rya Kihlstedt – Actress/Producer/Writer - California



“I have worked with Deneen for years.  She is reliant, accurate and helpful.  Her greatest asset - her willingness to find solutions, I couldn’t recommend her more!” 

- Carina Berman, CPA - Thousand Oaks, CA

“Deneen and I met 13 years ago while working at a Business Management firm. Instantly, I knew she was a genuine person and a very hard worker. Fast forward 10 years - not only are we best friends, but I had started my own business and I knew it wasn't even a second thought that I needed Deneen's bookkeeping services to run my business efficiently. She is very responsive, knowledgeable, and truly cares about my financial well-being. I know I can count on her to find out any answer that I need. Anyone who is looking for a bookkeeper would never be disappointed with her services!"

- Bethany Resnick - beautybybethany SKINCARE - Woodland Hills, Ca

"One of the best things as a Business owner I have done was hiring Deneen. She has excellent communication skills, is extremely professional and very easy to work with. She's always on point and very personable. Deneen is experienced in different industries which is a huge plus and has extensive knowledge that has been very resourceful. I highly recommend her."

- Syrenthia Farris-Colino - Founder - P.O.C.W.A.S.N


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